Expertly Cleaning Your Mattress in Surrey

Drift off into a sound night's sleep in a freshly cleaned bed by counting on the mattress cleaners at CranleighClean, in Cranleigh, Surrey, and Guildford. As experienced cleaners, we use specialist techniques as part of our mattress stain removal services.

Your Freshly Cleaned Mattress

It is particularly important to sleep on a thoroughly clean mattress when you are prone to allergies. As we spend a large part of our life sleeping, our mattresses must be sanitised. As cleaning specialists, we remove any stains caused by accidents or spillages and ensure your mattress is cleaned to an unrivalled standard. We are happy to clean mattresses of any size, as priced below:

Your Freshly Cleaned Mattress

  • King Mattress – from £55 (excl VAT)

  • Double Mattress – from £45 (excl VAT)

  • Single Mattress – from £30 (excl VAT)

Removing Marks and Mites

Extend the life of your mattress by allowing our experts to clean it. Not only do we remove dead skin, but also dust mites and their faeces. In order to ensure your mattress is properly cleaned, we analyse the structure of fabric and level of soiling. We focus on specific requirements, such as treatment for dust mites or allergens.

Removing Stains and Odours

Eliminate odours and optimise the freshness of your mattress with our help. As expert cleaners, we sanitise your mattress to remove body oils, perspiration, and fluids. Although certain stains may be fixed or permanent, we expertly sanitise your mattress to ensure it is hygienic. We also offer an end-of-tenancy cleaning service, as well as carpet and oven cleaning services for added convenience.

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